Welcome To CCYC

Cape May County Council for Young Children

The Cape May CCYC is established to create an environment where parents/caregivers come together with family service providers and other stakeholders as active partners. The responsibility of the council is to identify/discuss the needs, concerns, aspirations and successes regarding issues that affect the health, education and well-being of parents, infants and children age eight and under. Through this collaboration, strong partnerships will be established that allow us the opportunity to work together developing mutually-established goals and implementing creative strategies that reflect the views/priorities of Cape May County.

Specific goals for the Cape May CCYC

To identify issues and concerns that affect infants, young children and families

To learn about, and provide input in the development of community services for children

To ensure that state, local policies, and practices recognize the strengths and meet the needs of families in Cape May County

To ensure the children of Cape May County are ready to enter school and will be successful learners

To have parents and other interested people help develop new quality scale of early childhood programs

Currently we meet monthly throughout Cape May County to help identify issues and concerns that affect parents, infants and children under the age of eight. During each meeting the Council seeks to get a clearer understanding and provide input into the development of community services for families and children within our demographic. The Council will also develop initiatives that support positive outcomes for school readiness and the well-being of pregnant woman, infants and children.

New Jersey has established in all 21 counties – County Councils for Young Children (CCYC) to strengthen collaboration between parents, families, and local community stakeholders with health, early care and education, family support, and other service providers. This shared leadership philosophy includes parents as active partners with service providers and community leaders helping to identify the needs, aspirations and successes of our collective efforts to positively impact the health, education and well-being of children from pregnancy/birth to age 8. This program allows the state as a whole to increase the services and provisions to families and young children, providing for the most vulnerable individuals in our state.



The Cape May County CCYC has fashioned specific initiatives and goals to strengthen our local community.
CCYC initiatives are based on the unique needs and circumstances of parents, grandparents,
pregnant women, infants and children in Cape May County. All council meetings are intended to:

Guide the council in identifying those needs

Chart the short and long term goals established by the council members

Outline the agree-upon steps that will be taken to reach their goals

Specify reasonable timeframes for attaining their goals

Specific initiatives fall under the following categories:

Preventative and Primary Health services are offered to all community residents through community events, workshops and trainings. Related topics and activities include: pre and post-natal care; nutritional health and education needs for infants and children 0-8 years of age.
Education Intervention Services are offered to all community residents through community events, workshops and trainings. Related topics and activities include parenting, infant education, and reading readiness for children entering the school system.
Parenting Education is an essential component of the council and is offered to all caregivers via a combination of information, skill-building and supportive services. Emphasis is placed on healthy child development and the use of positive parenting techniques. Services are intended to help strengthen families by enhancing parental resilience and social connections.
The Steering Committee is established from the general council membership, and will have two co-chairs-one parent and one agency representative. The Steering Committee will also include parent and provider co-chairs from other committees and workgroups of the general council.
Support is available to advise, engage and motivate council members by supporting or advancing the cause of individuals and families with the initiatives of the council. Advocacy takes many forms including accompanying members at all council meetings, communication and /or problem solving with initiatives and conducting parent leadership trainings.